Business Website Information and Instructions

There are five simple steps to setting up your Website:

Step One: Look on the Internet at Websites that offer your services maybe a competitors Website or one that offers similar services write down the name of the sites and anything you liked or disliked about them, try to limit this to five websites so we can simply formulate a design plan, we will use this information when we consult with you prior to designing your Website.

Step Two: Choose a Name, your company name is ideal but something that says a little about the services you do is good as well eg: or You can check the availability of your name at Nominet (click this link and fill in the WHOIS box in the top right hand corner including the extension and press the LOOKUP Button) if does not provide you with ownership details then it is available. Alternatively make a list of five names with your favourite at the top and we will check them for you.

Step Three: Choose the number of Pages you would like to have in your Website:

2 Page Package 199.00
3 Page Package 299.00
4 Page Package 350.00
5 Page Package 399.00

If you require any more Pages then please call or Email us for a Quote.

Step Four: Send us information and pictures of your business i.e. Business Cards, Letterheads, Photos of your work, Pictures of Products you use, Leaflets, Flyers, Adverts, Brochures etc....This information will not be passed on to anyone else without prior permission and will be returned to you on completition of the Website

Step Five: After you have spoken to us and decided what level of package you require then we will send you a form to fill out that will help you give us general information about your business, contact details you would like on your site including features and benefits of your business. This will help us to get your website primed and ready for the marketplace.

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