Email Forwarding Solution

This is the simplest of all packages it is exactly what the title says we can provide up to 50 e-mail addresses forwarded individually example: can be forwarded to or alternatively we use a catch all e-mail setting that will forward all e-mail sent to your domain example: can be forwarded to

We will show you how to set up your e-mail program i.e.: Outlook Express, Outlook etc, so you will be sending out mails from your own domain (this can be done by telephone or visit although a visit to your premises or home may incur an extra charge).

Note: Setting up individual forwards can cut down on Spam mail where as a catch all e-mail setup can sweep all spam into your E-mail inbox.

The simplicity of this package is reflected in the price at 20.00 per annum. Discount available: sign up for two years and we only charge you 30.00 biannually.

This package is used not only by businesses but also households that wish to personalise their e-mail from home.

Note: non-payment of annual subscription will mean loss of e-mail, the subscription will be payable at 45 days before the end of your annual period subscription.

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