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If you have an IT related problem then call us !
Our staff are Microsoft trained up to Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Standard mostly with a Security tag attached, what this means is that they are trained in what they do and didn't just pick there skills up in a secluded bedroom. This gives you Piece of Mind knowing that a Qualified Engineer is dealing with your issue.

Lets face it most Engineers can stand there and give you "techno babble" and make you feel inadequate in your IT knowledge and needs. We won't do that we evaluate your issue explain it in common terms perscribing the solution and costs giving you the costs making sure we take into consideration your budget and the importance of the problem. The cost of Engineers is always an important factor because when you need one you are usually at the end of your tether. Dependant on how far we have to travel to your business or home we will quote you a first hour charge rate, which will then reduce for subsequent hours billed.

You would not get an IT Engineer in to landscape your garden so please don't get a gardener in to fix your IT systems. Always make sure your engineer is qualified and has the right skills to deal with your problem

Our Services include: Microsoft Servers, Microsoft Windows, General Software problems, Networking Issues, Internet Problems and Hardware Nightmares.

We are worth a call whatever the issue you face at your business or home!

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