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About The Woodridge Company

"Consultancy Solution that Specializes in Small Businesses"

What can IT and Training Consultancy offer me ?
That is probably the first question we get asked from our potential customers so we will deal with it right now.

Consultancy can cut through the “techno babble” of IT issues for starters, I am sure you are well skilled in your line of business otherwise you wouldn’t be in business, well we are skilled in ours with all the up to date technical and supplier information. We know the right questions to ask and the services that should be offered so why not make an expert part of your decision making process. We have consulted for companies within the West Midlands on things as simple as what Computer or Network Hardware they should be installing to the extremes of Five-year plans including infrastructure, software, web strategy and training. Services have been widespread over the last Eight years; we have specified equipment for offices, designed network infrastructure, advised on software usage, interviewed potential IT staff and identified training requirements for staff offering “value for money” options at local companies and colleges.

Why should you choose us ?
We are a small business as well and have an understanding of small business constraints along with a world of experience in the commercial sector. We bring knowledge to the table of not only being a small business owner but also being Microsoft security qualified, sales management and marketing experience and starting the first UK IT centre of excellence for a local training provider.
We are worth a call whatever the issue you face at your company or business !

About The Woodridge Company

The Woodridge Company

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